OGURI solo work

Oguri’s dance emphasizes the unpredictable and spontaneous, pulling the audience into uncharted perceptional territory. A master at redirecting the way one sees and encounters the physical environment, he holds his audience spellbound with his adeptness and agility. An intensely fierce performer, his solo work imprints an indelible memory.

“Astonishing in its many guises, this is a visage simultaneously old and young, ecstatic and empty; This is the face of Oguri, butoh master and L.A. jewel.” 

-Victoria Looseleaf, Los Angeles Times


Touring Workshops / Residences

Body Weather Laboratory (BWL) training has attracted people from fields as diverse as medicine, architecture, and music. It fosters individual creativity with exercises in imagery, time concepts, sensory and spatial awareness, and a rigorous muscle-bone, mind-body training. The work applies to dance and other fields including theater, film, visual arts and life science. Members of Arcane collective, Oguri, Roxanne Steinberg, and Morleigh Steinberg lead the workshops. Workshop training is a minimum of 3 hours.

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