APAP Showcase 2016

Return to Absence and ebb

ebb - 54New York Live Arts
Live Artery Showcases
Jan 15 at 6pm
3rd Floor Studios

Inhabiting the rich and peculiar realm of Samuel Beckett’s trilogy novel Molloy, Malone Dies, and The Unnamable, Arcane Collective presents excerpts of its latest two-part production, Return to Absence and Ebb. Constructing a fluent language of movement as abstract and absurd as Beckett’s words, the dance weaves a non-linear tale of decrepit persistence and playful futility of life at the end of its tether. The dance weaves a tale of decrepit persistence that is nostalgic, melancholic, and touchingly humorous.

” I can’t go on, you must go on, I’ll go on.” – Samuel Beckett

Premieres at New York Live Arts in April 14-16 2016.