With mesmerizing concentration and an urgent kinetic dexterity, the work of ARCANE COLLECTIVE pushes the boundaries of conventional contemporary dance with the uncanny ability to alter perceptions of the body, space, and time. Founded by independent dance artists Morleigh Steinberg and Oguri whose long time collaborations, over 20 years, has produced work for both stage and screen, in landscapes both urban and wild. In the spring of 2011, Steinberg and Oguri formed ARCANE COLLECTIVE as a production company to present their work, independently and together, under one umbrella organisation. ARCANE COLLECTIVE assembles international artists from interdisciplinary backgrounds, a hybrid of cultures and aesthetics, that creates visually compelling and refined theater.  Presenting work steeped in poetic resonance, each production invokes an unprecedented theatrical engagement that carves a lasting impression into the psyche of its audience. The movement vocabulary is simultaneously arcane and profoundly universal.